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Maximize your odds, control the process

Finding a new job is no easy task.
Candidates need their resumes to be attractive,
well written and not too long.

Quite a few people compete for each position, which makes the task even more difficult.

CV-ME aims to give users a relative advantage over the various contenders, and guide them through the process.

User Research

The first part of the project was to conduct interviews with people who are currently looking for a job, or with those who have recently completed the same process.
It helped me understand how different individuals try to achieve their common goal, and to identify the pain points they encountered.

I learned from these interviews that there is a recurring pattern; users will usually create a resume (using a ready-made template or a blank page),
Hoping that the document is written in the best way, they might consult with one person about the quality of the document, and finally will start to send it out.
This is where their involvement in the process ends pretty much.

Users pain points:

Once the document is sent, they do not know if it was opened, who opened it, and what they thought about it

Uncertainty about how the document is structured and its content.

Sense of frustration and disappointment due to lack of feedback on submitted resumes

Market Research

After reading and studying the subject closely,
I took the time to see other websites that face the same user needs.

The Internet offers many varied solutions, some are good and some less so. Most of them deal with the appearance of the document and how it is filled out.

I knew that if I wanted to stand out, I had to bring some added value. Something that truly helps users accomplish their goals.

What I have learned

I wanted to make it clear to users right at the start why they should choose us over the others.

CV-ME is going to provide you with the best tools to help build the document properly. And, moreover, will accompany you later on, after the documents are sent.

The main steps were:

Choose a designed template for your document. Statistics show that resumes are inspected by recruiters for 6-8 seconds, Therefore it is important to have a CV-ME approved layout that stands out.

Write each section of your resume in an orderly fashion, using our experts tips and suggestions in order to ensure success.

Track your resumes by sending a link to the website. CV-ME will provide statistics to help you know how well your documents are doing.

Information Architecture

After understanding the user goals, and based on the insights that were gathered,i organized and structured the content in a logical and user friendly way.