Project Credit: Gili Tayer

My Responsibilities: UX UI of mobile wireframes

Made in collaboration with: Gili Tayar and Nevo Fryd

What is Deli-Very?

Deli-Very is a platform that helps parents with the task of feeding their children
a hot and nutritious meal after a long day at school.

Why is it necessary?

It's not trivial for all parents to provide a hot meal for their children after school time. Some parents might still be at work at the afternoon hours, others may have day to day arrangements to take care of. That's where DELI-VERY comes in.

User Research

First of all, we have conducted interviews with a substantial number of parents and their children in order to hear how they would feel if such a service would operate in their school. we also wanted to know what is important for them to have in the service so they will agree to order a meal or to approve their child to order one.

Some important insights brought by parents:

parents avoid ordering food deliveries while the children are alone at home.

All meals should have a high nutritional value.

Meals should not be overly expensive.

Some important insights brought by children:

Not all kids have a smartphone, some of them have what we call a "stupid phone".

Kids want the option of ordering food together with a friend.

Kids prefer that their parents deal with money issues.

How does it work?

Let's say that Ella, a fifth-grader at "Hatab Atidim" school asked her mother for permission to go to her friend Noa's house after school today, and they want to ordera DELI-VERY meal together:

Ella logs in to her account, which was created by one of her parents.

Ella chooses a main course of her choice.

Main course details.

Ella chooses a side dish of her choice.

Side dish details.

Ella's order summary and confirmation.

Ella's mom gets an order notification, that way she can make sure no errors were made.

Once mom confirmed the order, Ella gets an SMS message containing a link to the app and a manual code ("stupid phone" friendly).

Ella present the QR code to the Deli-Very representative, and receives her meal.