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Let's make the most of your visit

Every year, millions of visitors are coming to theme parks, with the goal of having the perfect experience.
With so much to see in such limited time,
visitors use the park's app in order to improve their stay.

But there is a problem, many claim that the app isn't clear, doesn't provide any added value, and further more, hurts their overall experience at the park.
That's what Funland app is here to fix.

User Research

In order to understand the user needs, I've conducted an interview with several people who've been to these kind of parks and used their designated app. I've also read a research paper dealing with this very case.

Some Conclusions:


Defined their experience
using theme park apps,
as negative


Felt misled while arriving
at a new attraction due to
lack/inaccurate info by the app


Indicated that they will
download the venue app
at a new park


Experienced some
difficulty navigating
through park

Market Research

There are many apps of major audience attraction sites, such as theme parks, zoos, resorts and even music festivals etc.

Some of these apps provide a good solutions to guests all over the world, but others leave guests disappointed with limited features, unintuitive user experience which cause low app ratings.

Since we are talking about major guest attraction,
All of that may directly affect the establishment revenue.
For example, people can't easily find the gift shop or the food court. We want the app to significantly improve their stay at the park so that they will be eager to come back.

Main Insights

Getting to know the guests is vital

Asking appropriate questions will benefit the customization of data users will see in the app. Knowing their food preferences, or maybe what kind of attractions they wish to avoid before they start their trip could save them valuable time and will raise the sense of satisfaction among them.

Displaying incorrect or missing information may kill the app

Users who walked or waited in line for quite some time might become frustrated to realize that a ride is not suitable for them (height limitation, too fast etc.)
Therefore it is important that all valuable information will be passed to the user before he chooses the attraction. Those kind of unpleasant surprises may cause him to stop using the app, or even to delete it on the spot.

Exploitation of utilities for credibility

Funland app is a native app, therefore we can take advantage of some utilities that smartphones
have to offer, such as: GPS tracking, speed, notifications etc.
after gaining the required permissions, the app will suggest special offers to the users.
That way we can make them feel they are getting that added value that can only be achieved by using the app.

Information Architecture

After understanding the user goals, and based on the insights that were gathered, I organized and structured the content in a logical and user friendly way.


I love checking some design ideas on paper just to get a first perspective